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      Properties to rent in Cambridge

      Exploring Rental Properties in Cambridge

      This emblematic city, located just an hour's train journey from London, hosts one of the world's most renowned universities. Cambridge offers more than just housing options; it's a place where contemporary British culture merges with a vibrant arts scene. Compact and easily navigable on foot or by bicycle, Cambridge boasts excellent shopping, a thriving arts culture, and some of the UK's finest restaurants, as well as acres of green spaces. There's something for everyone in this historic city.

      For lovers of outdoor activities, the city provides a variety of options, with punting being the most traditional. This activity involves navigating a small boat through the River Cam. Moreover, during the summer, numerous outdoor events take place, such as the Movies on the Meadows festival, which features film screenings perfect for summer evenings, as well as comedy festivals.

      Neighbourhood Highlights

      Petersfield: This is one of Cambridge's trendiest neighbourhoods, named in 2019 as one of the best places to live and work. Located just east of the city centre, there is a plethora of activities to enjoy in the area, including delicious food, cosy pubs, and sports centres—making it the perfect fit for those seeking a vibrant living area.

      Chesterton: Situated near the River Cam, this area is renowned for its green spaces just northeast of the city, making it ideal for families, older people, or anyone seeking a quiet environment. Besides the safe atmosphere and vast green areas, it's only a 30-minute walk to the city centre and has a railway station for convenient public transport, reaching the centre within 7 minutes.

      Romsey: Known as the "creative capital," Romsey is situated on and around Mill Road and offers diverse cultural activities, including independent art galleries. It is perfect for those looking to live in a vibrant and multicultural neighbourhood.

      Eddington: Cambridge's newest neighbourhood is family-friendly, boasting spacious family homes while also catering to the needs of solo residents. Offering a range of housing options from houses to cosy apartments, it is ideal for those seeking a residential area at affordable prices. There is something for everyone in this neighbourhood, whether seeking independence or raising a family.

      Navigating Your Journey to Find a Home in Cambridge

      In such a vibrant city, finding the perfect rental property can be challenging and requires engagement. By signing up for property alerts with rentaroof, you will stay up-to-date and well-informed about the latest properties on the market in Petersfield, Romsey, Eddington, and beyond. Rentaroof helps you find your perfect house faster by tailoring options to your preferences.

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      Average rental prices in Cambridge

      Area Properties
      Chesterton 46 £1,842
      Romsey 27 £2,303
      Petersfield 84 £2,374
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