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      Properties to rent in Manchester

      Renting in Manchester

      Renting in Manchester, everything you need to know before renting a home in Manchester!

      Rental Properties in Manchester
      Manchester offers a variety of housing types, ranging from modern apartments to classic and grand houses. The city centre is rich in apartment complexes. Due to the University of Manchester, the city is popular among students. It's also well-connected by public transport, providing ample employment opportunities and making it attractive for young professionals and families.

      The average rent is around £1,300 per month. Affordable options can be found in neighbourhoods like Hulme and Moss Side, with an average rent of about £950 per month. On the other hand, there are pricier neighbourhoods like Ardwick and Didsbury, where the average rent can go up to £1,300 per month. To rent a property in Manchester, your salary often needs to be 2.5 times the monthly rent. The average annual salary in Manchester is £37,500.

      Districts in Manchester
      The city is divided into many diverse neighbourhoods. Didsbury, one of the lively neighbourhoods, is popular among newcomers, while Chorlton is ideal for families due to its excellent schools. If you're seeking a bit of tranquillity, Castlefield is the perfect spot, situated along charming canals with buildings formerly used as warehouses, now transformed into apartments. Northern Quarter in the city centre is popular among young professionals due to abundant job opportunities, numerous pubs, and nightlife venues. Other popular neighbourhoods include Hulme, Fallowfield en Strangeways.

      Finding Your New Home in Manchester
      There's high demand for housing in Manchester. Therefore, it's crucial to promptly respond to new listings. Receive instant email notifications with rentaroof for new listings and be among the first to respond! Rentaroof helps you find a house faster, by scouring more than 3,500 websites, 24/7. Explore the current listings in Manchester. Take the first steps toward finding the perfect home. You can start your search now by creating a free property alert!

      Frequently asked questions about Manchester:

      How do I find a place to rent in Manchester?

      In Manchester, the demand for rental properties exceeds supply. It's crucial to respond quickly to new listings. Also, having all your documents ready is essential to provide them promptly if landlords request them. Sign up for free for direct-email alerts to be the first to know about available properties.

      Is Manchester expensive to live in?

      Rental prices in Manchester vary by neighbourhood. On average, they hover around £1,300 per month. In areas like Moston and Crumpsall, prices are generally more affordable, averaging around £950 per month. For those seeking luxury, neighbourhoods like Ardwick and Didsbury have an average rent of £1,300 per month. Landlords usually require an income of 2.5 times the rent.

      Which parts of Manchester are good to live in?

      Manchester comprises many neighbourhoods, each with its unique character. Didsbury, popular among newcomers, offers beautiful starters' homes. Chorlton, with its bustling community, is perfect for families, boasting numerous nearby schools. If you prefer tranquillity, Castlefield, with charming canals and converted warehouses, is an excellent choice. Young professionals seeking vibrant social lives and ample job opportunities should consider the Northern Quarter in the city centre. Other popular neighbourhoods include Hulme, Fallowfield en Strangeways.

      What is Manchester known for?

      Manchester has a rich history in industry and science. The Museum of Science and Industry provides insights into the city's industrial past. The city also boasts a thriving arts and music scene, with numerous art galleries, theatres, and concert venues like the Manchester Art Gallery. For book enthusiasts, the John Rylands Library is a must-see, a neo-gothic library that opened its doors in 1900. Football fans have much to enjoy, with the stadiums of the world-famous clubs Manchester United and Manchester City. In summary, Manchester is a city where history, art, culture, and sports converge.

      Is it worth it to move to Manchester?

      Moving to Manchester is worthwhile due to its diverse lifestyle, vibrant culture, and flourishing career opportunities. Big companies like JD sports and Kellogs are located in Manchester, but there are also a lot of jobs in finance and start-ups in technology. The city offers a friendly community, excellent educational options, and green spaces for families. Also, Manchester's strategic location and robust connectivity ease travel to other cities and destinations.

      Is Manchester easy to access?

      Manchester has excellent transportation options. With its central train station, Manchester Piccadilly, cities like London, Liverpool, and Leeds are easily reachable. The city boasts an extensive public transport network, including buses and trams, making both the city centre and surrounding neighbourhoods easily accessible. For those preferring cars, Manchester is situated at the junction of major highways like the M60 and M62, linking the city to other significant UK cities. Additionally, Manchester is known for its bike-friendly infrastructure, with numerous bike paths and rental options, making it highly accessible for cyclists.

      Average rental prices in Manchester

      Area Properties
      Levenshulme 46 £1,072
      Burnage 26 £1,164
      Chorlton-on-Medlock 43 £1,170
      Ardwick 48 £1,268
      Moss Side 50 £1,282
      Strangeways 57 £1,329
      Rusholme 64 £1,374
      Fallowfield 106 £1,388
      Hulme 102 £1,392
      Chorlton-cum-Hardy 27 £1,427
      West Didsbury 50 £1,469
      Longsight 51 £1,471
      City Centre 446 £1,526
      Didsbury 42 £1,542
      Miles Platting 33 £1,548
      Collyhurst 25 £1,556
      Withington 66 £2,027
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