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      Properties to rent in Nottingham

      Renting in Nottingham

      Renting in Nottingham, everything you need to know before renting a home in Nottingham!

      Rental properties in Nottingham

      Nottingham offers Victorian terraced, semi-detached, and detached houses, alongside bungalows, new builds, and converted flats. With the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, there are many student accommodations, from shared flats to studios. This city caters to students, young professionals, and families, boasting several universities, excellent schools, and a robust public transportation system.

      The average monthly rent for a home in Nottingham is around £900. In affordable neighbourhoods like St Ann's and Radford, you can find average rents ranging from £700 to £800 per month. Hyson Green provides a mix of affordable housing options and a vibrant multicultural community. For those seeking a more upscale living experience, The Park offers elegant Georgian townhouses and stylish apartments. The average annual salary in Nottingham is £36,000.

      Districts in Nottingham

      • St Ann's: Located just north of the city centre, St Ann's offers affordable housing options and a diverse community. With its proximity to amenities and good transport links, it's a popular choice for students and young professionals.
      • The Park: Known for its stunning Georgian and Victorian architecture, The Park is an upscale neighbourhood close to Nottingham Castle and the city centre. It offers a tranquil residential environment with beautiful parks and gardens.
      • Hyson Green: This diverse and multicultural neighbourhood is known for its bustling market and a wide range of international cuisine. It provides affordable housing options and a lively atmosphere.
      • Radford: Situated west of the city centre, Radford is a vibrant neighbourhood with a mix of student housing and family homes. It offers easy access to the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

      Discovering your ideal home in Nottingham

      With its mix of historical charm and modern amenities, Nottingham is a city that appeals to a wide range of renters. To stay informed about the latest rental properties in Nottingham, sign up for real-time email alerts from rentaroof! Our platform scans over 3,500 websites to bring you the newest listings as soon as they become available. Take the hassle out of your rental search and be the first to find your new dream home in Nottingham!

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      Frequently asked questions about Nottingham

      How do I find a place to rent in Nottingham?

      Finding a place to rent in Nottingham is made easier with rentaroof's rapid and free email alerts! With our service, you'll always be among the first to know about new and suitable listings. We search through more than 3,500 websites daily to collect all the newest listings on our platform. Start your 3-day trial period for just £1 and unlock realtors contact details and more!

      Is Nottingham expensive to live in?

      Nottingham generally offers a lower cost of living compared to larger cities like London. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Nottingham city centre is around £800-£900 per month. If you're looking outside the city centre, expect rents to be lower. Groceries and transportation costs are also relatively affordable in Nottingham.

      Which parts of Nottingham are good to live in?

      • Lenton: This area offers proximity to the university, convenient amenities, and excellent public transport links. The diverse community adds to its vibrant atmosphere.
      • Wollaton: Known for Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, this area offers a mix of housing styles including family homes and apartments. It's a peaceful suburb with good schools and green spaces.

      What is Nottingham known for?

      Nottingham, a vibrant city in England, is renowned for its history and culture. It's famous for Robin Hood, with references found throughout, including a statue. The city boasts a rich cultural scene with theatres like Nottingham Playhouse, galleries, and music venues. Sports fans enjoy Nottingham's football clubs, Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City FC. It's also a university city, home to the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, creating a youthful and dynamic atmosphere.

      What’s the cheapest area to rent in Nottingham?

      For more affordable housing options in Nottingham, consider neighbourhoods on the outskirts or suburbs. Areas like Hyson Green, Old Basford, and St Ann's often have lower rent prices for both apartments and houses compared to the city centre or more upscale neighbourhoods.

      Is it worth it to move to Nottingham?

      Nottingham offers a plethora of opportunities and attractions for residents. With its extensive public transport network, various educational institutions, and vibrant cultural scene, Nottingham is an ideal place to live. Whether you're interested in exploring the diverse culinary scene, from local food markets to international restaurants, or seeking career prospects, Nottingham has something to offer for everyone. The city's rich history and bustling atmosphere make it an attractive destination for individuals and families alike.

      Is Nottingham easy to access?

      Yes, Nottingham is relatively easy to access through various transportation options:

      • Train: Nottingham station serves as a major railway hub with frequent services to London, Birmingham, Manchester, and other cities.
      • Road: Nottingham is well-connected by road, with the M1 motorway running to the west of the city. Major A-roads also provide easy access in and around Nottingham.
      • Public Transport: Nottingham boasts an extensive bus and tram network operated by Nottingham City Transport (NCT) and NET Trams, making it convenient to navigate the city and its surroundings.

      Average rental prices in Nottingham

      Area Properties
      Clifton 23 £833
      Lenton Abbey 21 £883
      Chilwell 33 £910
      Sneinton 35 £994
      Old Basford 26 £1,035
      Lenton 167 £1,059
      St Ann's 334 £1,074
      Wollaton Park 28 £1,089
      The Meadows 183 £1,108
      Carrington 79 £1,111
      Abbey Park 31 £1,145
      Dunkirk 101 £1,205
      Radford 230 £1,222
      Hyson Green 225 £1,240
      The Park 305 £1,286
      Forest Fields 103 £1,682
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