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      Properties to rent in Southampton

      Renting in Southampton

      Rental Properties in Southampton

      In Southampton, you'll find vast types of homes, ranging from modern flats to beautiful Tudor-style houses. Southampton is a city soaked in history, which is mirrored in its diverse offering of housing choices. The city has various architectural styles including terraced, semi-detached, and detached houses, as well as apartments and bungalows. Other unique residences include converted old buildings, offering varied living environments throughout the city. If you are a student, young professional, or a family, there are options suited to you. Southampton is host to high-ranking universities, well-respected schools, and boasts an extensive public transportation network. The resident population of Southampton was estimated to be 263,769 in 2024.

      The average monthly rent in Southampton currently stands at £975. More budget-friendly homes are located outside the city centre, in economical neighbourhoods like Shirley, Millbrook and Thornhill, where the average rent is approximately £750 per month. In the more popular areas such as Portswood and Highfield, the average rents rise to roughly £1,000 per month. To rent a property, your income typically needs to be 2.5 times the monthly rent. The average annual salary in Southampton is £38,000.

      Districts in Southampton

      • St Mary's is a bustling district in central Southampton, known for its large number of shops, bars, and music venues. It features St Mary's Stadium, the home ground of Southampton F.C.
      • Portswood is a vibrant residential and commercial district in Southampton, characterized by its assortment of pubs, eateries, and shops. It borders the picturesque Riverside Park, offering recreational facilities and a serene environment.
      • The Polygon is a popular residential area in Southampton, favored by families and university students due to its close proximity to the city center and universities. It has a diverse mix of rental properties available, and it's walking distance from amenities like Bedford Place’s bars and eateries.
      • Bevois Town is a densely populated district near the center of Southampton. Home to students and professionals alike, it provides easy access to both Southampton Solent University and the University of Southampton, as well as numerous regional amenities.

      Finding Your New Home in Southampton

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      Frequently asked questions about Southampton

      How do I find a place to rent in Southampton?

      Finding a rental property in Southampton can be competitive due to high demand. It's crucial to act quickly when new listings are posted. Sign up for rentaroof's direct email alerts to stay updated with the latest properties. Our platform accumulates listings from over 3,500 websites, simplifying your search. Start your 3-day trial period for just £1 and gain access to realtors' contact details and more!

      Is Southampton expensive to live in?

      Compared to many other UK cities, Southampton is moderately priced. The rental prices fluctuate significantly by neighbourhood. On average, you can expect to pay around £975 per month. More sought-after areas like Portswood have average rents around £1000 per month. Landlords usually want an income of 3 times the monthly rent.

      What is the most affordable area to rent in Southampton?

      Neighbourhoods such as Shirley, Millbrook and Weston offer more budget-friendly options, with average rents around £750 per month.

      Which parts of Southampton are good to live in?

      Southampton is diverse with several neighbourhoods, each having its own unique charm. Highfield is a popular area for its local independent businesses, while The Polygon is known for its close proximity to the city centre. The city centre itself offers historical landmarks and family-friendly facilities.

      What is Southampton known for?

      Southampton is a city steeped in history and culture. It's home to iconic landmarks like Southampton Castle and the SeaCity Museum. The city prides itself on its high-quality museums such as the Tudor House and Garden. Southampton is also famous for its lively food scene and diverse community.

      Is it worth moving to Southampton?

      Moving to Southampton offers a lively lifestyle with a balance of urban and coastal living. The city is a centre for industries like retail, shipping, and healthcare. With esteemed universities and cultural attractions, Southampton provides a vibrant environment for personal and professional development.

      Is Southampton easy to get around?

      Southampton has a comprehensive public transport system, including buses and trains. Taxis are also readily available. Cycling is popular due to the dedicated cycle lanes and bike rental services. Major highways like the M27 and M3 allow for easy access to other UK cities. Southampton's connectivity makes exploring and commuting simple.

      Average rental prices in Southampton

      Area Properties
      Bellevue 25 £829
      St Mary's 117 £1,207
      Portswood 69 £1,309
      Hill 20 £1,429
      The Polygon 84 £1,457
      Bevois Town 41 £1,594
      Highfield 21 £1,807
      Woolston 20 £2,098
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