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      Properties to rent in Portsmouth

      Renting in Portsmouth

      Renting in Portsmouth, everything you need to know before renting a home in Portsmouth!

      Rental properties in Portsmouth
      Welcome to Portsmouth, a historic maritime city nestled on the south coast of England. With a population of approximately 215,000, Portsmouth boasts a rich naval history, vibrant waterfront, and diverse neighbourhoods, making it an attractive place to call home. Whether you're a student, young professional, or a family, Portsmouth offers a variety of housing options to suit different preferences and lifestyles.

      The average rent in Portsmouth is approximately 50% lower than in London, with an average monthly rent around £1,000. In neighbourhoods like Fratton and Milton, you can find more affordable options. For those drawn to seaside living, Southsea offers a coastal lifestyle with average rents around £1,150 per month. The average annual salary in Portsmouth is £30,000.

      Districts in Portsmouth

      • Fratton: A diverse and vibrant neighbourhood with a mix of Victorian terraces and modern flats. Fratton offers easy access to amenities, schools, and public transport, making it a convenient choice for many residents.
      • Somers Town: Known for its strong sense of community and local amenities, Somers Town provides a welcoming environment. Its proximity to Portsmouth Harbour and the city centre makes it an ideal location for those seeking convenience.
      • Southsea: A popular seaside district renowned for its sandy beaches, bustling cafes, and independent shops. Southsea offers a mix of Victorian and Edwardian houses, along with modern apartments, making it a lively and attractive area for residents.
      • Portsea: Steeped in history, Portsea is home to the iconic Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and Gunwharf Quays. This waterfront area features a blend of new developments and historic buildings, offering residents a unique living experience.

      Finding your new home in Portsmouth
      The process of finding a rental property in Portsmouth can be competitive due to its popularity, but we are here to help. Rentaroof provides real-time email alerts for new listings, ensuring you're informed about the latest properties on the market. 

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      Frequently asked questions about Portsmouth

      How do I find a place to rent in Portsmouth?

      It's important to act swiftly when new listings become available. Sign up for rentaroof's direct email alerts to stay informed about the latest properties. Our platform aggregates listings from over 3,500 websites. You can start your 3-day trial period for just £1 and unlock valuable features such as realtor contact details and more. 

      Is Portsmouth expensive to live in?

      The cost of living in Portsmouth is generally moderate compared to other cities in the UK. The average monthly rent for a home in Portsmouth is around £1,000. However, rental prices can vary based on the neighbourhood, with areas like Fratton offering more affordable options, while places like Southsea tend to have higher rents.

      Which parts of Portsmouth are good to live in?

      Portsmouth has several neighbourhoods that are popular among residents. Some good areas to consider include:

      • Old Portsmouth: A picturesque area with historic buildings, cobbled streets, and views of the Solent. This area offers a charming and tranquil living environment.
      • Milton: A family-friendly neighbourhood with good schools, parks, and easy access to local shops. Milton provides a quiet residential setting close to the city centre.
      • Eastney: Located near Southsea, Eastney offers a more relaxed coastal living experience. It's known for its beachfront promenade, nature reserve, and variety of housing options.

      What is Portsmouth known for?

      Portsmouth is renowned for its maritime heritage, being home to the historic Royal Navy Dockyard. The city is famous for its naval history, including the HMS Victory and the Mary Rose Museum. Portsmouth is also known for its waterfront attractions, such as Gunwharf Quays with its shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

      What’s the cheapest area to rent in Portsmouth?

      The more affordable areas to rent in Portsmouth are Fratton and Milton. These neighbourhoods offer more affordable options for those on a budget.

      Is it worth it to move to Portsmouth?

      Whether it's worth moving to Portsmouth depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Portsmouth offers a mix of history, culture, and seaside living. The city has a vibrant community, plenty of amenities, and is well-connected to London and other parts of the UK. Those interested in maritime history or a coastal lifestyle may find Portsmouth appealing.

      Is Portsmouth easy to access?

      Yes, Portsmouth is relatively easy to access with good transport links. The city has its own train station, Portsmouth & Southsea, which connects to London Waterloo in about 90 minutes. There are also ferry services to the Isle of Wight and international cruise terminals. Portsmouth is well-connected by road via the M27 motorway, making it accessible by car.

      Average rental prices in Portsmouth

      Area Properties
      Hilsea 29 £794
      Milton 24 £1,555
      Portsea 33 £1,613
      Somers Town 106 £1,741
      Fratton 93 £1,809
      Southsea 91 £1,810
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