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      Properties to rent in Guildford

      Exploring Rental Properties in Guildford

      Guildford, a historic town in the heart of Surrey, England, offers a unique blend of charm, amenities, and connectivity that make it a highly desirable place to call home. Whether you're a first-time buyer, a growing family, or a retiree, Guildford's diverse housing market caters to a wide range of homebuyers.

      Residential Options in Guildford

      Guildford's property landscape is a harmonious mix of traditional and modern dwellings. From charming Victorian terraces and Georgian townhouses to contemporary apartments, the town provides a variety of housing options to suit different preferences and budgets. The average house price in Guildford is slightly higher than the national average, reflecting the town's desirability and affluence.

      Exploring Guildford's Neighborhoods

      Guildford is home to several vibrant neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and appeal. Burpham and Merrow offer a mix of housing options and good access to amenities. The historic Charlotteville neighborhood, with its conservation area, adds a touch of charm to the town. Surrounding villages like Worplesdon provides the opportunity to live in a more rural setting while still being close to the town center.

      Guildford Park and Park Barn are two other notable neighborhoods in the town. Guildford Park is a residential area located just south of the town center, offering a mix of housing types and good access to local amenities. Park Barn, situated to the north of the town, is a more affordable area with a range of housing options, including apartments and terraced houses.

      Westborough is a diverse neighborhood located just west of the town center. It offers a mix of housing types, including apartments and terraced houses, and is home to a range of shops, restaurants, and amenities. The town center itself is a bustling hub, featuring a pedestrianized high street lined with independent shops, cafes, and restaurants.

      Lifestyle and Amenities in Guildford

      Guildford's town center is a bustling hub, featuring a pedestrianized high street lined with independent shops, cafes, and restaurants. The town also boasts a rich cultural scene, with attractions such as the Guildford Castle, the Guildhall, and the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, which host a diverse range of performances and events. For outdoor enthusiasts, the town is surrounded by the stunning Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offering ample opportunities for walking, cycling, and other leisure activities.

      Education and Employment in Guildford

      Guildford is home to the prestigious University of Surrey, a leading research institution that attracts students from around the world. The town also has a strong economy, with a diverse range of employers in sectors such as technology, professional services, and the public sector. Major employers in Guildford include the University of Surrey, McLaren, and the headquarters of the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

      Whether you're seeking a vibrant town with a rich history, a thriving cultural scene, or excellent employment and educational opportunities, Guildford offers a compelling proposition for homebuyers in the UK. With its diverse housing options, amenities, and connectivity, Guildford is a town that truly has something for everyone.

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      Frequently asked questions about Guildford

      How do I find a place to rent in Guildford?

      Guildford is a sought-after city to reside in. As is common across the United Kingdom, the availability of rental properties may be limited while demand remains high. Therefore, initiating your search early is essential if Guildford is your potential relocation destination. Utilize rentaroof to stay updated on new listings that match your criteria as soon as they are posted on our platform. We diligently scour through over 3500 websites daily to compile and showcase the latest property listings on our platform.

      Is Guildford expensive to live in?

      The monthly cost of living in Guildford for a family of 2 with a modest lifestyle is estimated to be around £4,369, which is quite high. Rent prices in Guildford are also on the higher side, with a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center costing around £1,300-£1,350 per month on average. Grocery and restaurant prices in Guildford are generally more expensive than the national average. The cost of utilities, transportation, and other living expenses in Guildford are also above the UK average.

      However, Guildford provides a good balance between rural and city living, with excellent connectivity to London. This desirability likely contributes to the higher cost of living in the town. Overall, Guildford is indeed an expensive place to live, with housing, food, and other costs being significantly higher than the national average. The town's amenities, location, and economic opportunities come at a premium for residents.

      Which parts of Guildford are good to live in?

      Some sought-after neighborhoods in Derby, like Burpham and Merrow offering diverse housing options and great amenities, provide an array of living choices. Charlotteville, a historic district with a conservation area, adds a charming touch to the town. Surrounding villages such as Worplesdon offers a rural living experience close to the town center. Guildford Park, located just south of the town center, boasts a variety of housing types and convenient access to local amenities. On the other hand, Park Barn, located to the north and more budget-friendly, presents a selection of housing options, including apartments and terraced houses.

      What is Guildford known for?

      Guildford is known for its historic charm, strong economy, natural surroundings, and status as an important regional center, making it a desirable place to live and visit.

      What’s the cheapest area to rent in Guildford?

      Criteria such as location, amenities, and property type play a role in the affordability of rental areas in Guildford. Neighbourhoods like Guildford Park, positioned just south of the town center, and Park Barn, located north of town, are examples of budget-friendly options with a variety of housing choices. Despite Guildford's overall higher cost of living compared to the UK average, areas such as Guildford Park and Park Barn present more economical rental opportunities for those with tighter budgets.

      Is it worth it to move to Guildford?

      Guildford can be a worthwhile place to move to, especially for those who can afford the higher cost of living and value the town's amenities, connectivity, and quality of life. The excellent schools, transportation links, and balance of urban and rural features make it an attractive option for many, though the expense is a significant factor to consider.

      Is Guildford easy to access?

      Guildford, is easily accessible with well-established transportation links, including trains, buses, and major road networks. The town offers convenient connectivity to neighbouring towns and cities, facilitating easy mobility for residents both within Guildford and beyond its borders.

      Average rental prices in Guildford

      Area Properties
      Charlotteville 38 £1,998
      Guildford Park 63 £2,022
      Westborough 22 £2,217
      Park Barn 45 £2,395
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