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      Properties to rent in Northampton

      Renting in Northampton

      Rental Properties in Northampton

      In Northampton, you'll find a wide variety of homes, ranging from modern apartments to traditional terraced houses. Rental properties are available both furnished and unfurnished, usually over 90 square metres in size. Northampton is a historic town in the East Midlands region of England, known for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant urban life. The town offers a balance of bustling city amenities and peaceful countryside, with easy access to major transportation hubs and a growing, diverse population. Whether you're a student, young professional, or a family, there are suitable properties available. With 215,963 people living in Northampton it is one of the largest towns in England.

      The average monthly rent in Northampton currently stands at £1188. More budget-friendly homes can be found in areas like Phippsville and Semilong, where the average rent is approximately £750 - £950 per month. In the more popular areas such as Abington, Kingsley Park and St. James’ End, the average rents rise to around £1200 per month. To rent a property, your income typically needs to be 2.5 times the monthly rent. The average annual salary in Northampton is £30,000.

      Districts in Northampton

      • Phippsville: Boasting variety of charming Victorian and Edwardian properties, Phippsville is a desirable residential area close to Northampton town centre. It's known for its spacious houses and green spaces, the perfect location for families and professionals wanting a blend of suburban and city living.
      • Semilong: Semilong is known for its community spirit, abundant local amenities, and excellent proximity to Northampton's town centre and train station. It offers mostly terraced and semi-detached houses, making it a popular location for first-time buyers and families.
      • St James' End: St James' End is a district rich in local history, home to the St. James Retail Park and the iconic Franklin's Gardens Rugby ground. With a range of affordable housing, access to fantastic sporting facilities and easy walking distance to the town centre, it's great for sports enthusiasts and people wanting local amenities close by.
      • Kingsley Park: Kingsley Park, close to the University of Northampton, is a highly sought after district, popular with students, academic staff, and young professionals. It offers a mixture of terraced houses, flats, and larger family homes in proximity to several parks, making it a vibrant area with options for various lifestyles.

      Finding your new home in Northampton

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      Frequently asked questions about Northampton

      How do I find a place to rent in Northampton?

      Finding a rental property in Northampton can be a competitive process due to high demand. It's important to act quickly when new listings are posted. By signing up for rentaroof's direct email alerts, you can stay updated with the newest properties. Our platform collates listings from over 3,500 websites, streamlining your search. Start your 3-day trial period for only £1 and gain access to realtors' contact information and more!

      Is Northampton expensive to live in?

      Compared to many UK cities, Northampton is moderately priced. Rental prices can vary significantly depending on the location. On average, the monthly rent is around £1188. Generally, landlords require tenants to have an income of three times the monthly rent.

      What is the most affordable area to rent in Northampton?

      Communities such as Phippsville and Semilong, offer more reasonably-priced rental options, with average rents around £750 - £950 per month.

      Which parts of Northampton are good to live in?

      Northampton is a vibrant city with various distinct neighbourhoods. Kingsthorpe is a popular choice for its local independent businesses, while Billing is appreciated for its closeness to the city centre. The city centre itself offers a mix of modern and historical landmarks and family-friendly amenities.

      What is Northampton known for?

      Northampton is primarily known for its long-standing shoe and leather industry, its vibrant retail and shopping scene, its rich history and architecture, as well as its sports and cultural attractions. It's home to the iconic landmarks like Northampton Castle and the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. The city prides itself on quality attractions such as the Delapré Abbey and the Grosvenor Shopping Centre.

      Is Northampton easy to get around?

      Northampton has an efficient public transport system comprising buses and trains. Taxis are also widely available. The city promotes cycling with dedicated cycle lanes and bike rental services. Major motorways like the M1 and A45 provide easy access to other UK cities, making Northampton a convenient base for commuting and exploring.

      Average rental prices in Northampton

      Area Properties
      Phippsville 74 £1,001
      Semilong 43 £1,256
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