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      Properties to rent in Norwich

      Renting in Norwich

      With a population exceeding 205,000, Norwich offers a diverse array of housing options to suit various lifestyles. The city boasts an average monthly rental range of approximately £708 to £1,610. Often referred to as the home of the UK's rarest wildlife, Norwich is the only English city located within a national park. Its mediaeval centre, with an imposing cathedral dating back to the 12th century, remains intact. Combined with contemporary architecture, this strong cultural heritage makes Norwich an awesome place to live. Furthermore, the city boasts diverse amenities such as markets, shops, restaurants, museums and galleries. Whether you're a young professional, a student or a family seeking a place to call home, Norwich has a suitable option for everyone.Consider looking for a new home in this stunning city, which has been recognized as one of the top places to live in the UK on several occasions.

      Neighbourhood Highlights

      Lakenham: Situated south of the city centre, Lakenham is renowned for its peaceful atmosphere, located on the outskirts of Norwich. The area boasts cafes, shops, supermarkets, primary and secondary schools, as well as other amenities. Lakenham benefits from excellent transport links, with regular bus services connecting it to the rest of the city. Housing options range from student-friendly studios to spacious Victorian houses, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious students, young professionals, and families alike

      Heigham Grove: This area is located in close proximity to Norwich’s city centre, Heigham Grove is a favoured residential area among  students and young professionals. While lacking in green spaces, The neighbourhood is a lively place with a variety of restaurants, bars, and supermarkets, this area offers a range of housing options, for all the budgets you can find from terraced houses to small studios.

      New Catton: Situated north-east of the city centre, New Catton is a residential area with a friendly atmosphere and a welcoming community. This location is ideal for those seeking scenic walks along the beautiful Catton Park. The neighbourhood is well-connected, with plenty of bus stops in the area, making it an attractive option for nature lovers or families due to the abundance of schools nearby. With all these advantages of living in such a peaceful area, New Caton is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods to live in.

      Bowthorpe: A modern eco-friendly suburb located in the west of Norwich, Bowthorpe is a modern suburb where you can find newly built environmentally conscious houses. This area lies between green spaces with the renowned Queen's Hills Country Park being the locals favourite. Amenities such as the golf club, supermarkets, schools and more are available in the area. Bowthorpe offers a different range of property prices,making it a favourite among families and new professionals. From spacious terraced houses to modern studio flats, Bowthorpe provides a variety of housing options.

      Navigating Your Journey to Find Home in Norwich

      In such a vibrant city, finding the perfect rental property can be challenging and requires engagement. By signing up for property alerts with rentaroof, you will stay up-to-date and well-informed about the latest properties on the market in Lakenham, Heigham Grove, New Catton, Bowthorpe and beyond. Rentaroof helps you find your perfect house faster by tailoring options to your preferences.

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      Frequently asked questions about Norwich

      Frequently asked questions about Norwich

      Norwich is a popular city to live in. Similar to other regions in the United Kingdom, the availability of rental properties is limited, amplifying the demand. Therefore, initiating your search early is imperative if Norwich is your relocation destination Utilise rentaroof to promptly receive new listings matching your preferences directly to your inbox once they are added to our platform. We diligently search through over 3500 websites daily to gather the latest property listings on our platform.

      Is Norwich expensive to live in?

      You can find plenty of options in Norwich, from a studio flat in the city centre for approximately £1,610 per month to terraced houses on the outskirts of the city. Due to the average income for residents being around £34,000 per year, Norwich is considered an affordable city, with rent being more than 50% cheaper in comparison with major cities such as London.

      Which parts of Norwich are good to live in?

      Those properties tend to be more expensive due to their popularity. Another great area is Heigham Grove and Norwich city Centre due to its location you can enjoy historical narrow streets plus a modern contemporary scene also means to live next to the most important landmarks of the city such as Norwich Cathedral plus independent shoppings an infinity of dining options. If you are looking for tranquillity or you are a nature enthusiast you can live between the most stunning green areas of Norwich , Bowthorpe has many options for any budget. Another popular area favourite among families and young professionals seeking a quiet residential neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city Lakenham is another good option.


      Norwich offers a wide range of living options. For those seeking stunning architecture with a touch of historic charm, Victorian and Edwardian-era houses, and all amenities close by, The Golden Triangle and Eaton offer great rentals; however, these properties tend to be more expensive due to their popularity. Another great area is Heigham Grove and Norwich city centre, where you can enjoy historical narrow streets and a modern, contemporary scene, as well as live next to important landmarks such as Norwich Cathedral, independent shops, and an infinity of dining options. If you are looking for tranquillity or are a nature enthusiast, you can live between the most stunning green areas of Norwich. Bowthorpe offers many options for any budget. Another popular area, favoured among families and young professionals seeking a quiet residential neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city, is Lakenham.

      What is Norwich Known for?

      Norwich is well-known for being the only English city located in a national park, where you can find the rarest wildlife in the UK and enjoy its diverse activities and attractions, allowing locals and tourists to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Additionally, this city is well-known for being one of the top ten shopping destinations in the UK. Last but not least, Norwich was named the best place to live in the UK due to its nature, important landmarks, and narrow streets filled with history.

      What’s the cheapest area to rent in Norwich?

      The average rent price varies by the size of the property and each neighbourhood. For example, in neighbourhoods like Lakenham and Bowthorpe, you'll pay an average of £925 per month.

      Is it worth it to move to Norwich ?

      Voted one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom, moving to Norwich can be worthwhile for the quality of life and for those looking for a work-life balance. This city has affordable living costs, as well as all the amenities and green havens. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for work, study, and outdoor activities.

      Is Norwich easy to access?

      This city is very well-connected due to its large options for public transportation. There are bus and train services. Additionally, for those who travel frequently, the city has an international airport providing domestic and international flights.

      Average rental prices in Norwich

      Area Properties
      New Catton 34 £994
      Lakenham 20 £1,034
      Heigham Grove 59 £1,403
      Bowthorpe 25 £1,578
      North Earlham 24 £1,594
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